UConn Tweetbeat Tackles Crowdsourcing

When complaining over an assigned 10 page review of Jeff Howe’s “Crowdsourcing” for our Social Media and the Future of Journalism class, Professor Rick Hancock challenged us to devise an alternative project for the third and final reading of the semester.  The class tossed around several ideas and ultimately agreed to crowdsource the project by using the famed social media platform Twitter.  Each student chose a “beat” or specific area to cover and composed a tweet for every chapter of Howe’s book.  Some students linked to specific examples or companies mentioned, some provided chapter summaries, some offered critical analysis of certain points Howe made, some organized the project and worked on the technological aspects, and one student chose to write the book review.

For my part, I linked to specific companies, people or concepts that Howe mentioned or other examples that he didn’t mention.  These links included websites, articles, or multimedia.  What’s great about the Twitter project is that we are able to link to these examples, so people can see crowdsourcing in action: not just read about it.  Every student posted their tweets to our UConn social media Facebook Fan Page, and then to our own Twitter accounts.  Once reviewed and possibly edited, the tweets were posted to the UConn Tweetbeat and the UConn social media blog for anyone interested in Howe’s book, or the concept of Crowdsourcing in general to observe.


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