Stephen Meisel embraces Twitter In Vogue Italia

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The December 2009 Cover of Vogue Italia


The cover of the December issue of Vogue Italia is a first of its sort.  It features a collage made by Stephen Meisel, of different models including Gisele Bundchen, Natalia Vodianova, Lara Stone, and Christy Turlington: not surprising figures to habitat the cover of Vogue or any other publication.  

But this one is a little different.  These pictures are taken via Twitpic, a popular photo sharing app on Twitter.  This application allows people to post photos from their phone, through the Twitter website, or through their API.  If you have a Twitter account, all you have to do is log in using your Twitter username and password.    

While out of the ordinary, the Vogue Italia cover isn’t really shocking to the fashion community.  It’s not the first time the magazine has featured technology as a focal point.  The January 2007 cover featured the rise of webcams and YouTube.  Plus many designers and consumers are using Twitter to converse about fashion, constantly introducing new ideas and styles.

Within the issue, Stephen Meisel, who renamed the Twitpics “Meiselpics,” displays a blurred picture of himself, and then writes to 20 models that he was going to send them some clothes and instructed them to photograph themselves.  This seems a bit shocking in a world of famed professional photography, but we can’t really be surprised considering the trend of technology and social media this year.  It is only appropriate that this year’s favorite social media platform, Twitter graces the final 2009 cover of Vogue Italia.  

Some of the inside photographs include tweets from the various models, including one from a pregnant Geisele Budchen, who twitpic-ed herself in lingerie, noting “Privacy is beautiful.”  A bit ironic that she’s discussing privacy while photographing herself in lingerie through a social media platform.

The January 2007 Cover of Vogue Italia


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