Where Do you Tweet From?

November 29, 2009 at 11:01 pm 1 comment

Since becoming one of the most popular social networking sites, Twitter is drawing users of various age groups, geographic locations and reasons for using Twitter.  So where are these people all tweeting from? You’d be surprised to find out some of the most popular tweet spots.

A study by Crowd Science, a tool for reviewing website traffic stats, showed results of where people tweet from most frequently and how often people use social networking sites from a mobile device while driving. Out of 718 respondents, the majority said they tweeted the most during work hours.

Now that may not be very surprising: we all know how work can drag on sometimes.  But the second most common place to tweet is a little more shocking: in the bathroom! Looks like there’s no need for that magazine rack; just provide a computer or a phone for your house guests.  Another place that struck me as interesting was Twitter usage during a religious service.

Here are the results of the Crowd Science study on Twitter:

Of course there are multiple uses for Twitter, plenty of which I’ve been covering: retail marketing, fighting crime, etc.  But one of the biggest uses seems to be pointless babble, among other uses discussed in this Penn Olson article, which categorizes the uses into six categories. The article includes a youtube video, but it may not work so here’s the video in case it doesn’t work on the website:

Not only do the results show that people spend a lot of time on Twitter doing meaningless things- there’s a bit of a fear factor. If people are spending time on social networking sites and texting while driving, often times it results in danger.  The frequently watched youtube video “Texting and Driving,” showing a very graphic accident in the U.K., reflects the problems involved with texting, or in this case, social networking.  

Please note: this video is very graphic and disturbing.



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  • 1. Rick Hancock  |  November 30, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    Excellent posts. I appreciate the effort. Thanks.


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