Roger Avary’s Tweets Land Him Back in Jail

November 29, 2009 at 6:48 pm Leave a comment

Screenwriter of the award-winning film, “Pulp Fiction” was sentenced to prison after a fatal DUI that killed one person and injured Avary’s wife, and had been tweeting about life behind bars since October.  Or at least we thought.

Mark Milian of the Los Angeles Times wrote an article questioning whether or not Avary was really tweeting from inside the Ventura County Jail as @avary, referring to himself as #34 (profile is now private).  As it turned out, he wasn’t. After a follow up investigation, The LA Times wrote a second article reporting that Avary was serving his time in a furlough program that allowed him to go to his job during the day and report back to the furlough facility at night and on weekends.  

Inmates in the program are not allowed to work at home, and it is unclear as to where Avary was working during the day.  It is also unclear when and why officials permitted Avary to enter the furlough program.  

As of Thanksgiving day, Avary is back in full-time custody at Ventura County Jail.  He tweeted on Thursday evening, “#34 is ‘rolled up’ to a higher security facility for exercising his first amendment rights. The truth he has discovered is too dangerous.”

What Avary was tweeting, about his life in prison, a life he made seem very difficult, wasn’t reality.  Perhaps he thought using Twitter to describe his life in prison would help get away with serving in the furlough program, but it backfired when Milian picked up the story.  I’d call it a win for Twitter and it’s accidental role in criminal surveillance.  

Here are some of Avary’s tweets:


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