Company Marketers Embrace Social Media as the Holiday Season Approaches

November 6, 2009 at 1:21 am 1 comment

Halloween is over, and let’s face it- Thanksgiving is simply a minor road bump on the snowy trail to the holiday season. Most of us are already imagining candy canes and christmas cookies, but many businesses are dreaming of other things: holiday marketing.  This year’s biggest tool for companies and brands looking to market their products to a large customer base?  Social media of course!  

This post will extend a touch beyond my normal Twitter and eHow updates, since the topic applies to multiple social media platforms.  Twitter  and Facebook seem to be the largest arenas for holiday marketing, since the number of users has skyrocketed in the past year or so, and many people rely on these media bases for news and networking.  Facebook, for example, has a fan page for practically every company or brand, most of which have thousands of followers.  Through this application, companies can update their customers on sales or message fans about product events, which is seen in the YouTube video below.  Companies can reach out to new fans by making their pages global and open to everyone on Facebook.  Customers can also send fan page suggestions to their friends, increasing the number of people the company reaches.  And it’s not only large brands like Target or Victoria’s Secret PINK that have pages.  One application called Promotions allows any business or agency to run promotions for their products that include formats like sweepstakes and prize giveaways, free coupons and contests.  All a company has to do is become a fan and then post their website or facebook page with a line about their product or what’s going on with their business at the moment.  Once again, social media pulls through with the ability for amateur marketing, just like Chris Anderson discusses in his book, The Long Tail.  

Create a Facebook page for your business here!

Twitter is another great tool for business marketing, and this year we’re going to see a whole lot of tweeting during the holidays.  For example, Best Buy created Twelpforce to offer technology advice to customers in tweet form.  This season, Best Buy plans on using Twelpforce to help customers decide what gifts to buy.  

In an article from Reuters, Starbucks’ vice president of brand, content and online was quoted, “This is going to be a really interesting holiday season with social media.  It just wasn’t this far along last holiday season.”  Companies like Starbucks will use Twitter to interact directly with customers and get feedback on products, events and ad campaigns. 

This holiday season, keep tabs on your favorite companies and brands by following them on their social media sites.  You’ll find lots of great savings, and you can give customer feedback to see your visions come through in their product lines!|9005|twelpforce||S|b|4447510275


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